New smartphone app will make it easier to report racism

New smartphone app will make it easier to report racism

A new smartphone app has been launched which will allow members of the public to report incidents of racism. The app was developed for the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) and will be promoted by a specially-made cinema advertisement.

Reporting racism

In a press release INAR highlighted that it “pioneered” the website. This website, which was launched in 2013, lets people report incidents of racism they experienced or witnessed. Since the launch of the website INAR said it has been used to log “thousands of incidents”. This has allowed the organisation to produce “reports and policy submissions” for the Irish government, media and international organisations. 

INAR also provided a Responding to Racism guide alongside the website which disclosed the anti-racism and anti-discrimination procedures of various public bodies and organisations.    


But now this has been combined in a new smartphone app called According to INAR, the app is “aimed at members of minority groups who experience racism”. It is also for “allies and advocates” to will help them “‘speak up’ and make racism visible”. 

The app is being promoted by a specially-made “advertising movie” which premiered on Thursday 16 January. Created by Paul Kinsella, Ogilvy, and Eoin Tierney, the advertisement uses “real-world footage of racial incidents”. 

Speaking before the launch of the movie Claudia Hoareau, an INAR board member, said it 

snappily captivates the importance of our message, and the resources that INAR develops for reporting and responding to racism and encouraging bystander intervention.

Shane O’Curry, direct of INAR, also voiced his happiness about the launch. He remarked that INAR is “delighted with the opportunity to promote our work with the help of professionals in the [film] industry”. 

Last year INAR published a report which argued that there is “cause for deep concern” about online hate speech. The report also went on to highlight that there are “high levels of racist violence against People of African Descent/Black Europeans in Ireland”.

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