Members of Connolly Youth Movement confront far-right activists in Cork

Members of Connolly Youth Movement confront far-right activists in Cork

Members of the Connolly Youth Movement (CYM) have confronted far-right party Síol na hÉireann in Cork. Around 20 members of the Marxist-Leninist group blocked the extremists from setting up their planned stall in the city on Daunt Square. 

And in a video posted online a member of Síol na hÉireann can be heard making threats against one of the CYM members present.

Confronting extremism

Members of CYM found out in advance when and where the far-right group was planning to assemble in Cork. Given this, they decided to block the group from gathering at its usual spot in the city.

As a result, the party was forced to set up its stall elsewhere. Around 20 CYM members protested the stall in its new location until the representatives of Síol na hÉireann eventually decided to leave.

In a video posted online by CYM of the protest, a supporter of Síol na hÉireann can be heard threatening one of the protestors. He declares that he will “tear the fucking head off you and throw the head on the floor”.

A spokesperson for the Cork branch of the CYM told The Beacon that they decided to “spread awareness” of Síol na hÉireann “alongside other members from different organisations”. Describing the action as “a very successful day”, they argued that the far-right party seems to attract people who “like to threaten violence” and those who have issues with people promoting the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Going on, the spokesperson asserted that

You can’t say you’re not racist and openly support the Síol na hÉireann banner and general political outlook when it is stating migrants and people of colour are the problem.

The spokesperson also said that the CYM “will continue to confront” and oppose the far right:

Ideas as ridiculous and potentially dangerous as those Síol na hÉireann espouses have no place anywhere. The working class regardless of creeds and colours has a common enemy which is Capitalism. Síol na hÉireann you are not welcome here.   


This marks the second time in less than a week that a supporter of Síol na hÉireann  in Cork was captured on video threatening protestors. 

On Thursday 9 July a member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) witnessed protestors being verbally abused by a Síol na hÉireann activist. Having intervened the far-right activist in question then threatened the IRSP member with a “bullet in the head”. He can also be heard saying “One phone call and you’re dead” as well as “You’ll never be found”.

In a Facebook post about the incident the IRSP wrote:

Neither the Party collectively nor its members individually will be bowed or intimidated by anyone, let alone by an unhinged fool acting as a deranged enforcer for Ireland’s nascent far-right organisations.


Síol na hÉireann is led by Donegal-based Niall McConnell who also founded the group. The party and McConnell push various far-right taking points and conspiracy theories. McConnell is himself a proponent of the so-called “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory and promotes an anti-immigration, pro-Christian worldview.

During an appearance in the EU Parliament earlier this year he said that there is a “coming war” on nationalists, such as himself. He declared:

Nationalists, patriots, traditionalists, will face brutal persecution at the hands of the totalitarian liberals and a war to the death

This war, he argued, is being led by the “Zionist elite” who are importing “jihadi Islamists” into Europe.

Despite his self-proclaimed nationalism McConnell has featured Britain First founder and loyalist Jim Dowson on his Irish Patriot YouTube channel. Former British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin has also appeared on the channel. 

McConnell ran in the February 2020 general election as an independent candidate in the Donegal constituency. He received 580 first-preference votes. 

Featured image via Facebook – Connolly Youth Movement

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  1. i am not a cym supporter but we must stop this siol na heireann spreading lies and hatred . they are an extreme conservative catholic group , fascists , racists, xenophobes . they do not reognise the legitimacy of the state. they preach lies and hatred.they are the smiling face of a new type of fascism dressed in the tricolour

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