Man filmed helping patient leave hospital linked to Italian far-right party

Man filmed helping patient leave hospital linked to Italian far-right party

The Beacon has identified a far-right activist who earlier in the week videoed himself helping a man apparently suffering from COVID-19 leave a hospital. Antonio Mureddu, aka Antonio Gravegliu, who is also a member of the Freeman on the Land Movement (FOTL), previously came to the attention of activists in Galway in Decemeber 2018. At the time he organised a meeting in support of Italian far-right party Lega Nord. The meeting was due to go ahead at the Headford Arms Ristopub which Mureddu was manager of at the time. 

In the video he posted online he can heard arguing with hospital staff as he encourages a visibly ill man to leave their care.

Endangering a life

Mureddu originally posted the video of himself at Letterkenny University Hospital (LUH) on Tuesday 14 September on his Telegram channel. He tells the man that he is coming home and that he’s “safe”. As he tries to remove the man a doctor tells him “What he’s doing is wrong” and that “He’s endangering your life”. In response Mureddu tells the frail man he’s attempting to remove, and who’s struggling to breathe, that “If you stay here they’re going to fucking kill you”. And he goes on to say “It’s better if he die in the house than if he die in here”.

At one point in the video Mureddu thanks Professor Dolores Cahill for her part in what took place. He said she’d been “on the phone all day” trying to “sort out” the issue. Mureddu was also present alongside Cahill at the count centre in Dublin in the aftermath of the Dublin Bay South by-election where she could be seen arguing with gardaí.

It’s understood the man Mureddu removed from LUH is currently at home and self-medicating with vitamins and supplements.

A freeman

This isn’t the first time Mureddu has come to the attention of activists and the authorities.

In 2018 he attempted to hold a pro-fascist meeting at the Headford Arms Ristopub in Galway. On a since deleted Facebook page the activist was hoping to have a meeting of pro-Lega Nord activists. The party’s secretary Matteo Salvini, who was Italy’s deputy prime minister until 2019, claimed he would deport thousands of “illegal immigrants”. In the past he’s also said one of the major issues with Italian society are “the thousands of illegal immigrants stealing, raping and dealing drugs”. He has also described immigration as an “invasion”. 

The Galway-based Italian is also a FotL activist. Advocates of this belief claim they’re not bound by any laws they have not consented to. On his Telegram channel he’s posted template letters which claim they give the issuer power of attorney over hospital patients.

In a second video seen by The Beacon Mureddu was filmed arguing with a garda after being stopped for speeding in August. The garda tells Mureddu that he was travelling at 158kph. Mureddu states he doesn’t have his driver’s licence, is “very busy”, and demands to be told what laws he has broken. He also tells the garda that “I’ll ask the question” and that “I’m the master and you are the servant”.

The garda eventually takes Mureddu’s details and asks him to present his driver’s licence at a garda station of his choice. 

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4 thoughts on “Man filmed helping patient leave hospital linked to Italian far-right party

  1. The man who he took out of the hospital actually ended up back in the Emergency Department at LUH yesterday, 16th September.

  2. Within a day or two the man’s wife took him back to the hospital. He died a few days later. Very sad.

  3. I think that before any of you make a comment you should try to learn what actually happened here, and understand the full story. Making a comment after being told a biased and partial story is like making a comment about a book you have not read.

    If you believe that propaganda does not exist in the media then you are extremely naive.

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