Far-right protestors target home of Dr. Tony Holohan

Far-right protestors target home of Dr. Tony Holohan

Anti-vaccination, far-right protestors today targeted the home of the head of the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) Dr. Tony Holohan. Roughly 20 protestors were met by a small group of gardaí. They claimed that Dr. Holohan was involved in the experimentation on children. Others claimed that Tusla, the Irish children’s protection service, is involved in child trafficking. 

This marks the third consecutive Sunday in which protestors have targeted politicians and public figures at their home. 

Paedophilia conspiracy theories

Earlier in the week members of the We the Sovereign People group announced they’d be protesting outside the home of a public figure. The group abides by the Freeman of the Land conspiracy theory. Advocates believe that the laws currently in force are illegitimate as they haven’t contractually consented to them. And they don’t recognise the state which they believe is actually a corporate entity.

One of the protestors present outside Dr. Holohan’s house today had earlier in the week called for politicians to be hanged. 

In a video posted to her social media, Charmaine Mulligan accused politicians of being involved in paedophilia. She called on men to form a “military”, drag them out of their homes “without hesitation” and then “hang those bastards”. Mulligan justified this by saying “God is the solution”. In the same video she accused the tánaiste Leo Varadkar of being “a paedophile, noncy [sic], bastard”. Before she attended today’s protest she claimed in a second video that Tusla was involved in child trafficking. And that the LGBTQIA+ community is also involved in paedophilia. 

While livestreaming from the protest outside Dr. Holohan’s house she told listeners that people like him were “going against science and medical fact”. “Drugs”, she argued, “are being forced on our children”. And it’s “coming from [the] Deep State” which itself exists to promote paedophilia. 

Other members of the group held placards calling for the end of “Experimental Vaccines” and for an end to the intervention of Tusla in family matters. One man claimed that vaccinations have no scientific basis. 

A number of gardaí were also present outside Dr. Holohan’s home monitoring the situation. A garda spokesperson told The Beacon they “were alerted to a number of protestors outside a residence in Dublin 6 this afternoon”. Members of An Garda Síochána “attended and the protest ended without incident at 2.30pm”.

Anti-lockdown and far-right campaigners have previously targeted Dr. Holohan, with gardaí currently investigating threatening phone calls he received during the summer.

Ongoing protests

The same group has previously targeted the home of tánaiste Leo Varadkar. On Sunday 19 September roughly 30 people gathered outside Varadkar’s home holding similar placards. Also in attendance was Graham Carey, who could be heard implying on his livestream that Varadkar is a paedophile as well as making homophobic remarks about the tánaiste. 

On Sunday 26 September group gathered again outside Varadkar’s home. Similar to the previous week, members of the group discussed various conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine and children. At one stage one of the protestors called on the gardaí to “take the government down”. On both occasions members of An Garda Síochána were present.

One of the organisers, Denis Delaney, has apologised for the homophobic remarks made at the previous protest. According to Gay Community News, he said “That kind of behaviour is not welcome”. Delaney was also present at today’s protest. 

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