Gardaí arrest far-right, anti-lockdown activist Dee Wall

Gardaí arrest far-right, anti-lockdown activist Dee Wall

Last night gardaí arrested far-right and anti-lockdown activist Dee Wall, aka Dolores Webster. She was leading an anti-lockdown rally outside Áras an Uachtaráin in the Phoenix Park when gardaí arrested her. In footage available of the arrest, gardaí can be heard telling Wall that she’s being arrested on foot of a bench warrant for failure to appear in court.

Dangerous disinformation

Wall has become a leading figurehead in the anti-lockdown movement over the last 15 months. Gardaí have also previously investigated her for comments she made about president Michael D. Higgins. During a livestream she said people should drag him out of Áras an Uachtaráin and stamp on his head. 

At a far-right rally last year outside the Dáil she also directed the large crowd to a small number of observers. The crowd attacked them, with Michael Quinn of the National Party injuring well-known LGBTQIA+ activist Izzy Kamikaze with a plank draped in the Irish flag. Kamikaze required treatment in a hospital as a result.

Earlier this week Wall was named on Liveline as one of the anti-lockdown activists accused of spreading disinformation about people’s deaths. Speaking to the sister of Nicole Cahill who passed away suddenly in March, Joe Duffy told listeners how Wall and her supporters were claiming Cahill died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. Nicole’s sister, Deb, said people spreading these lies were harming her family. And that  they’re “not thinking of the family and what they’re being put through by all of this”. 


During the rally outside Áras an Uachtaráin last night she could be heard calling for Irish politicians to “get out of Ireland”. There was a large garda presence as Wall told observers not to allow gardaí to search them. At one stage Wall confronted a number of gardaí and told them they had no legal right to search people and said “the only virus in Ireland is uniformitis [sic]”. She also told them they “need to be relearned [sic] the law”.

Footage of Dee Wall’s arrest

Gardaí eventually arrested Wall for failure to appear in court and took her to Bridewell Garda Station. She was due to appear in the Criminal Courts of Justice at 10 am today.

The Beacon contacted the Garda Press Office for comment. A spokesperson said “We have no reports of arrests at an anti-lockdown rally in the Phoenix Park last evening.” The Press Office has since updated its line, telling The Beacon “We do not comment on video circulating online”.

But Wall’s supporters have posted online that she’s been moved from Bridewell Station to Store Street Station and is due to appear in court via video link.

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