Man who previously served in French Foreign Legion part of mob that attacked anti-racism activists

Man who previously served in French Foreign Legion part of mob that attacked anti-racism activists

A man who appeared to be part of a security team at a far-right rally outside the Dáil has been identified as having previously served in the French Foreign Legion. The former soldier is also an active member of the Irish Freemasons and the Royal British Legion. And he previously worked in the Border Management Unit (BMU) in Dublin Airport.

During the demonstration, held on Saturday 12 September, anti-racism activists there to observe the proceedings were attacked by the far-right crowd. The security team, including the former soldier, were also involved in the attack.

Former military man

Posts on Twitter, verified by The Beacon, identified the man as Kenneth Geary.

As a member of the Legion Geary attained the rank of Captain, served overseas, and received numerous awards. Photographs of Geary available online show him wearing various medals. Amongst them is a NATO Service Medal awarded for service in Yugoslavia. 

The former soldier is currently the chairperson of the Dublin Central branch of the Royal British Legion. According to its Facebook page, now since deleted, the organisation “provides care and support to all veterans of the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force and their families in Ireland”.

The Beacon contacted the Royal British Legion for comment. A spokesperson told The Beacon that the organisation is “currently looking into” the claims “and will respond as soon as we are able”.

He is also the steward of charities for the Freemason’s Grand Lodge of Ireland. A spokesperson for the Grand Lodge said they “are aware of the allegations and we have commenced an investigation into the mater [sic].”

Securing borders

Geary recently worked in the BMU in Dublin Airport. The Department of Justice and Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) use the BMU to ensure that “Immigration and border controls at Dublin Airport are fully maintained”.

But The Beacon has learned that Geary resigned from his position in the BMU in recent months.

In 2005 Geary and a colleague, were sacked from their security jobs in Dublin Airport for harassing fans of the Rangers soccer team. According to a report in the Irish Independent at the time, management found that Geary and his co-worker “abused their powers as security officers to discriminate on the basis of religion”.

He is currently registered with the Private Security Authority (PSA) as a static security guard.

Far-right security

In video posted online of the far-right rally which took place outside the Dáil last week, Geary can be clearly seen on multiple occasions. Along with other apparent members of a security team, he was seen wearing an armband on which was written “Antifa Hunting Permit. Open Season All 58 Gender Identities”. Members of the team were also pictured wearing earpieces.   

Geary was also videoed as part of the group that accosted and attacked a small group of anti-racism activists. One of the activists, Izzy Kamikaze, was injured when a member of the group hit her on the head with a piece of wood draped in a Tricolour. 

What’s more, the former Legionnaire was seen trying to block the camera of someone attempting to document the assault.

Recruiting the military

In a far-right planning document posted online earlier this year the role of  members of the military was discussed. It was argued that “garda and military contacts” need to be used “strategically”. Also, the document states that if a far-right activist is attacked everyone “moves against the culprits”. And that they must “act as an army”.

The involvement of former soldiers in the Irish far right is not a new issue. Rowan Croft, also known as Grand Torino, is the most well-known example. Croft previously served in the British military in the 1990s and 2000s.

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2 thoughts on “Man who previously served in French Foreign Legion part of mob that attacked anti-racism activists

  1. Himself and Croft; two absolute scuts who both served as servants of a foreign military.

    It shows how thick the far right in this country are if they regard these two scumbags as “Irish patriots”.

  2. Geary served as a corporal in the French Foreign Legion
    He’s as nasty a piece of work as you will ever encounter.
    He was kicked out of the French Foreign Legion Association of Ireland. Conduct unbecoming I believe.
    In the month that marks the 82nd anniversary of the departure of the International Brigades (which included many brave Irishmen) from Madrid and the rest of Spain it is appalling to see the rise of right wing fascist scum once again in our country.

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