Senator Eileen Flynn voices fears over ‘rise of the far right in Ireland’

Senator Eileen Flynn voices fears over ‘rise of the far right in Ireland’

A member of the Seanad has warned of the threat posed by the far right to Ireland. Senator Eileen Flynn told the Seanad that she is not afraid of anything but she is “afraid of the rise of the far right in Ireland”. Drawing attention to the recent far-right rallies in Dublin, she called on politicians to stand together to combat the threat. She also revealed that she “fears for the future if we don’t all stand together against hate and division”. 

Flynn’s comments come after footage of a far-right attack on anti-racism activists outside the Dáil last weekend was widely shared online. 

We must unify

The senator was speaking in the Seanad today when she made the comments. She highlighted that the threat of “hate and division” in Ireland “should unify us as a country and as a people”. And this is because she believes that there “is no place in our country for an agenda that divides us from each other”. 

Flynn, who is the first member of the Traveller community to be appointed or elected to the Oireachtas, says she believes the aim of those stoking hate is to pit people against each other.

The far-right threat

Senator Flynn also pointed to the increasingly public presence of the far right in Ireland. This has resulted in “violence on our streets”. Going on, she stated that:

We have seen our Tricolour used to try to divide us as a people instead of bringing us together. We have seen the word patriot used as something to divide us rather than unite us.

Given this, the senator said politicians “have a duty” to put their differences aside to tackle the problem. What’s more, she argued that it’s time for everyone in Ireland “to stand for unity and solidarity, not division”. 

And if we don’t, she warned that “we will live to regret it”.

Senator Eileen Flynn discusses the far-right threat

Violence and racism

Senator Flynn’s comments come after far-right protestors attacked anti-racism activists outside the Dáil last weekend. In video which was widely shared online, a large mob can be seen approaching a small group of activists who were in the area to observe the far-right rally. 

Members of the group then attacked the activists, injuring veteran LGBTQI+ advocate Izzy Kamikaze. The LGBTQI+ activist was hit over the head by a far-right protestor holding a piece of wood draped in the Tricolour. She was later taken to hospital for treatment.

Gardaí have yet to make any arrests regarding the attack.

And last month a house due to accommodate a Traveller family in Galway was severely damaged in a suspected arson attack. A number of similar attacks on homes due to accommodate members of the Traveller community have been carried out in recent years.

Featured image via Oireachtas TV – Screenshot

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