Video: Paul Murphy discusses Livelyin fiasco in the Dáil

Video: Paul Murphy discusses Livelyin fiasco in the Dáil

On 23 June the Dáil heard a number of statements from TDs in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community for Pride Month. People Before Profit’s Paul Murphy also made a statement in which he discussed the piece written by Izzy Kamikaze for The Beacon in which she highlighted how RTÉ mislead listeners to Liveline when the show platformed an anti-trans group for three days.

Kamikaze revealed that the group was not in fact censored when the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) blocked members of The Countess from gaining access to the NWCI’s AGM. In fact, the anti-trans group had issued a press release the day before the AGM in which it announced its intention to disrupt the event. RTÉ and most of the mainstream press has failed to report on this. In his statement singling out Kamikaze and The Beacon Murphy said:

What I would encourage people to do is read a really excellent article which was put up online yesterday or the day before an incredible activist called Izzy Kamikaze. It is on the Beacon website. Izzy investigated what happened and wrote this revealing piece about the background to the particular witch hunt on that programme against trans people. She shows quite clearly how pretty much everything that the transphobes were allowed to say on the show was simply untrue.

Footage of Murphy’s statement in the Dáil.

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