Gardaí aware of Graham Carey suggestion to ‘take over’ Dublin Airport with ‘a rucksack’

Gardaí aware of Graham Carey suggestion to ‘take over’ Dublin Airport with ‘a rucksack’

Gardaí are aware of comments made online last week by a far-right agitator in which he suggests disrupting Dublin Airport with a rucksack. Graham Carey, who’s infamous for his angry rants which he films and uploads to his Facebook page, claimed it’d be easy for one person “take over the airport”. He goes on to say that viewers will “probably find out some day” how he could do it and that it’d be possible to do so “with a rucksack”.

Carey, has been a regular attendee at far-right protests and rallies over the previous two years. Last year he was part of the mob which gathered outside Tánaiste Leo Varadkar’s home. While livestreaming Carey could be heard making homophobic remarks about Varadkar and accused him of being a paedophile. The Dublin man has also previously targeted Jewish people in his rants. 

Taking over the airport

In the video which now appears to have been deleted, Carey ponders “how would you take over the airport?”. He says “one man could do it” and initially doesn’t go into detail, only saying “That’s for me to know and youse motherfuckers to probably find out some day”. But he then elaborates, claiming “I can do it on me own. On me own, with a rucksack”. Carey tells viewers of his livestream “Now, if you’re clever you’ll know what I’m on about”. 

Carey also posted a comment on his Facebook page in which he called on people to take back control of Ireland’s borders. He told them to “Control the ports and airports if you want your country back”. And that they must stop “economic migration with no vetting process” 

Gardaí are now aware of Carey’s video. The Garda Press Office told The Beacon it doesn’t make comments regarding content posted online whose authenticity can’t be verified. But “An Garda Síochána considers any suggestion in respect of the threat to use violence and/or perpetration of violence or intimidation in any general sense or against named individuals or organisations as a matter of serious concern”. And, as a result, this could lead to “criminal investigation in respect of such matters”.

Conspiracy theories from his cab

Carey is a well-known presence in the Irish far-right ecosphere. Last September he was part of a mob which descended on the home of Tánaiste Varadkar in Dublin. While livestreaming from the protest Carey could be heard calling Varadkar a “treasonous snake” and suggested that he’s involved in a coverup of child sex abuse. Carey also made homophobic comments about Varadkar and called him a paedophile. 

The truck driver regularly livestreams on his Facebook page while at work. Viewers are met with rants about the Book of Revelations and the coming apocalypse alongside conspiracy theories about world leaders being involved in global child sex abuse ring. During these livestreams he’s also taken aim at Jewish people. Last summer he claimed that Jewish people are trying to implant microchips in children via the COVID-19 vaccine. He claimed they’re doing this is for “financial gain”. And given this, “We need to wipe the Jews out”. 

In his latest video Carey argues the COVID-19 vaccine is “the biggest crime ever carried out on humans” and medical professionals have lied about its effects on people. To combat this he asks people to return to God. 

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