Judge grants Beaumont Hospital injunctions against Gemma O’Doherty calling her claims ‘utterly devoid of substance’

Judge grants Beaumont Hospital injunctions against Gemma O’Doherty calling her claims ‘utterly devoid of substance’

Beaumont Hospital today secured injunctions against far-right activist and former journalist Gemma O’Doherty. In his ruling Judge Senan Allen said O’Doherty presented “no evidence” of forced vaccinations or that they’re “lethal”. He also described her claims as “utterly devoid of substance”. The hospital’s legal team contended that O’Doherty made defamatory remarks about the hospital and its staff while livestreaming. In one such stream she accused Beaumont of being a “death camp” and covering up deaths caused by COVID-19 vaccinations. 

This is the latest blow to the failed politician who has suffered several legal setbacks in the last 12 months.


In several videos she uploaded to her website in recent weeks, O’Doherty attacked Beaumont Hospital. In one video, transcripts of which Judge Allen cited, she’s quoted as claiming the hospital is “dysfunctional” and “is forcing staff to get the [COVID] vaccination”. O’Doherty also accused Beaumont of “breaching international and Irish law” and of running a “drug pushing operation” by “pushing this vaccine in this hospital”.

An initial hearing was held in the High Court on 19 June. During a recess O’Doherty and John Waters appeared outside the court to speak to supporters. There she told supporters that hospitals administering COVID-19 vaccines, including Beaumont, “have blood on their hands”.

But Judge Allen found against O’Doherty. He argued that the far-right agitator has no “reasonable prospect of establishing” her claims about Beaumont and its staff. The High Court judge also rejected her argument that she was being put on trial “for doing her work as a journalist”. Instead he pointed out that she’s not free “to wantonly or recklessly impugn the good name and reputation of others”. And that her claims about criminality and crimes against humanity “are utterly devoid of substance and that there is no prospect that she could ever stand them up”. 

As a result, he made an order “restraining the defendant” from republishing her claims about the hospital, its CEO and director of nursing. Judge Allen also stated he has “great difficulty contemplating how a jury could conceivably come to any other conclusion as to the truth of the words complained of” if the case goes forward for trial.

In a livestream earlier this week O’Doherty told viewers she’d ignore any order by a judge when it comes to Beaumont Hospital. 

Legal issues

O’Doherty has had a series of legal problems in the last 12 months. In August last year gardaí arrested her near Bray. Along with some supporters O’Doherty hung a banner from a footbridge overlooking the N11 in Kilmacanogue. O’Doherty livestreamed the incident during which she could be heard accusing the gardaí of “assaulting” her and calling them “traitors”. After her arrest she was released on bail and appeared in Bray District Court in December. There she was charged with intending to breach the peace, refusing to provide her name and address to gardaí, and with resisting arrest.

The case is due for a full hearing in Bray District Court on 29 September. If found guilty a judge could sentence her to prison and issue a fine.

More recently with John Waters she also lost a High Court challenge of the government’s lockdown legislation. A judge found their case was “misconceived and entirely without merit” and ordered them to pay costs. The two appealed the decision to the Court of Appeal which upheld the original judgement. According to the Business Post O’Doherty and Waters could face a legal bill of over €100,000.

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