Far-right protestor to be sent forward for trial for attack on Izzy Kamikaze

Far-right protestor to be sent forward for trial for attack on Izzy Kamikaze

A man accused of attacking LGBTQI+ activist Izzy Kamikaze during a protest in September is to be sent forward for trial. Michael Quinn, a member of the National Party, appeared in Dublin District Court today where a book of evidence was served.

Further charges

Gardaí arrested Quinn in October in relation to the attack on Kamikaze during a far-right protest outside the Dáil on 12 September.

The campaigner had been there to observe the event alongside a small group of fellow activists when they were surrounded by the crowd. And it was then that Quinn allegedly struck Kamikaze over the head with a piece of wood with the Tricolour attached to it. 

When Quinn appeared in the Criminal Courts of Justice in October he was charged with assault causing harm. The case had been adjourned in order to give the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) time to consider bringing further charges against the National Party member.

Today in Dublin District Court the DPP directed Quinn be charged with use of a weapon under Section 11 of the Firearms and Offensives Weapons Act, 1990. A person convicted for breach of the act can face up to five years in prison as well as a fine.

Conspiracy theories

In the aftermath of the attack on Kamikaze far-right accounts on Twitter claimed that the activist had staged the incident. And they pointed to the fact that no arrest had been made as proof of the conspiracy.

Speaking to The Beacon in October, Kamikaze called the conspiracy theory “ludicrous”. Going on, she pointed out that “Hundreds of new Twitter accounts were set up just to perpetrate that ridiculous narrative”. Footage widely available online after the attack showed Kamikaze with blood covering her face and head.

Quinn is due to go on trial in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court on 15 April.

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