Twitter permanently suspends Anti-Corruption Ireland account for ‘violations of our spam and platform manipulation policies’

The photo is of the login screen for Twitter on someone's phone.

The Twitter account of Gemma O’Doherty’s Anti-Corruption Ireland (ACI) has been permanently suspended. Twitter also removed the account of John Waters, who ran as an ACI candidate in the general election in February.  

A spokesperson for the company told The Beacon that the accounts were removed for “repeated violations of the Twitter rules”. The spokesperson added that they were permanently suspended for “violations of our spam and platform manipulation policies”.

“Deceptive activity”

According to Twitter’s rules, platform manipulation means “using Twitter to engage in bulk, aggressive, or deceptive activity that misleads others and/or disrupts their experience”. The rules also state that behaviour such as “coordinated activity” to “artificially influence conversations” on the platform via use of multiple and fake accounts is banned.

Last week Twitter also permanently suspended O’Doherty’s personal account. A spokesperson told The Beacon that the account was removed “after repeated violations of the Twitter Rules including violations of our Abusive Behaviour & Sensitive Media policies”. 

Social media

In recent months social media companies have been taken to task for their apparent failure to combat racism on their platforms. In May a report published by the Tech Transparency Project (TPP) argued that Facebook is “an echo chamber of white supremacism”.

In response to the growing problem, advertisers have begun to boycott the company. And as a result, Facebook removed a number of posts by US president Donald Trump for violation of its hate speech policies.

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