Violence in Dublin as anti-racism activists confront far-right protestors

Violence in Dublin as anti-racism activists confront far-right protestors

There were scuffles in Dublin today as activists confronted far-right and QAnon protestors. On O’Connell bridge a march organised by Gemma O’Doherty and her far-right Anti-Corruption Ireland (ACI) group was met by a small group of counter-protestors.

And at the GPO QAnon protestors were met with the same group of counter-protestors. 

It comes as the far right has increasingly engaged in violence and the targeting of minorities in Ireland


The ACI march was attempting to cross O’Connell bridge when it was met by a small counter-protest. But scuffles quickly broke out with the gardaí forced to break up the two groups. 

The march continued but the gardaí were again forced to separate the two groups after more scuffles broke out. One of the counter-protestors posted on Twitter that she was kicked in the stomach by one the far-right protestors.

Tension also flared at the GPO. For the last few months QAnon advocates have been gathering outside the Dublin landmark every Saturday to protest the COVID-19 legislation introduced by the government. They have also argued that the pandemic is a cover for the introduction of the so-called “New World Order”.

But they were also confronted by the same group of counter-protestors. In footage posted online, gardaí could be seen separating the two groups after some scuffles also broke out there.

In response to a query from The Beacon, the Garda Press Office confirmed that it “intervened in one incident” at the GPO. But the spokesperson claimed “there were no injuries or arrests” and that gardaí “remained at the scene to ensure public safety”.

Targeting minorities

In recent weeks the far right has become increasingly violent as activists and minorities have been targeted. During a far-right protest last month to call for the resignation of minister for children a small group of counter-protestors were attacked by the gathered crowd. Only the intervention of the gardaí allowed them to escape serious harm.

And earlier this week The Beacon revealed that a new far-right group has begun targeting Irish people from Jewish backgrounds as well as minorities in a sticker campaign.

This article was updated on 9 August to include a statement from the Garda Press Office.

Featured image via Twitter – The Beacon

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