Indian man hit by car after it mounts footpath in apparent racially motivated attack

An Indian man in Dublin was hit by a car after it mounted the footpath in a seemingly racially motivated attack. The incident took place on the morning of Monday 18 November and was captured on video. The man, known as Sam, escaped with minor injuries.

The attack

According to the Herald, Sam had dropped his children to school in Finglas and was speaking with other parents outside when the attack happened. The car had initially driven past while two men in the car shouted abuse at him and others there.

Another person who was present said the occupants of the car shouted “Go back home!” at them. 

Sam related that:

Suddenly a car passed by and the driver and his front passenger, two men, started abusing us.

The car then mounted the pavement and hit Sam, forcing him onto its bonnet before he fell off. He escaped with injuries to his knee, hip, shoulder, and back.

He has since said that he was “shocked” by what happened and is “worried for my family”. 

Ongoing investigations

A spokesperson for the Garda Press Office told The Beacon that “The vehicle involved has been seized for a technical examination”. They went on to report that CCTV footage is being examined “and investigations are ongoing”.

Thus far, “No arrests have been made”. 

Featured image via Screenshot

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