Dolores Cahill tells large crowd leaders will be put on trial for COVID-19 lockdown measures

Dolores Cahill tells large crowd leaders will be put on trial for COVID-19 lockdown measures

Dolores Cahill, the chair of the Irish Freedom Party (IFP), told a large crowd at the Custom House in Dublin yesterday that politicians in favour of lockdown measures will soon be put on trial. The crowd also heard a mixture of conspiracy theories and falsities about COVID-19. Attendees were advised that masks are a threat to people’s health. And that the dangers of the virus have been overstated by governments and the media.

A previous rally at the same location in August was organised by Health Freedom Ireland (HFI) in tandem with German group Querdenken. The latter has links to far-right activists and groups such as Alternative für Deutschland and Holocaust deniers.

No such things as hate crimes

Roughly 500 people turned out for the rally that was organised by the IFP to protest against the lockdown legislation as well as the proposed updating of Ireland’s hate speech laws.

Senator Fiona O’Loughlin has argued that the updated law

provides that a crime may be aggravated by hate if, at the time of committing the offence or immediately before or after doing so, a person displays prejudice and is motivated wholly or partly by racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-religious or anti-disability prejudice towards a relevant individual. 

But deputy chair of the IFP, Michael Leahy, voiced his disgust at the proposed law during the rally. He described hate crimes as “made up crimes of a spurious nature” which gardaí are forced to concentrate on “rather than dealing with real issues”. He declared that this could culminate in the gardaí becoming “the political arm of an emergent police state”. And the current lockdown, he stated, is possibly a “dry run” for this.

Leahy also spoke of Agenda 2040, which he said involves the government importing up to one million people into Ireland. This is a reference to the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory. Believers of the theory say there’s a global conspiracy by world leaders to replace white people with migrants from the African continent and the Middle East. 

A “pretext”

Hermann Kelly, president of the IFP, also spoke at the rally. He mocked the idea of a lockdown, describing the government and the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) as “a dangerous gang of COVID monomaniacs”. The government, he proclaimed, is using the pandemic as a “pretext…to grab power”. And it’s doing this to “rob” people of their freedom to work, worship, and see their family. 

Kelly went on to call those who support a lockdown, including members of the Dáil, “covidiots”. He claimed that like Oliver Cromwell, the government wants to cancel Christmas. 

In recent days the government has announced a relaxation of COVID restrictions for the Christmas period. This includes the opening of gastropubs, restaurants, and places of worship. Members from up to three different households will also be able to meet up. 

The IFP president called on the crowd “to get involved politically” and to join his party. He also revealed that the IFP, along with Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) and Renua, have agreed to merge. Kelly said discussions around the decision had taken place in the last few months. And that the merger was decided upon in order to become “bigger and stronger” as a movement. 


But some of the more conspiracy-laden comments were made by IFP chair Dolores Cahill.

She claimed that she’s been given messages of support from members of the gardaí and army who are unhappy with the lockdown. And that she’s received death threats as a result of her work.

Cahill, who is a professor in University College Dublin, also told the crowd that “enough is enough” when it comes to the lockdown. She went on to say that masks are dangerous that they can “cause permanent brain damage”.

This is at odds with information from the World Health Organization which recommends their usage in combatting the pandemic. 

Cahill asserted that COVID is “seasonal” and “only cause[s] illness and symptoms between December and April”. For this reason she said that politicians and the media who cause harm by supporting and instituting lockdowns could be guilty of genocide. 

There have been roughly 400 deaths in Ireland as a result of COVID-19 from June to present.

According to the IFP chair, the pandemic is merely a cover for “tyranny”. Going on, she argued: 

What is actually going on is they are trying to get you used to your rights and freedoms being taken away so that your children think it’s normal.

Cahill also revealed that she’s serving as a judge on a tribunal involved in taking cases against world leaders for instituting lockdowns. The quasi-judicial body, she said, will be dealing with these cases as “crimes against humanity”.

Along similar lines she encouraged the crowd to find out where the members of NPHET live in order to “tell them they are a disgrace”.

Bizarrely, Cahill declared that there are plans for other pandemics to be introduced. She informed listeners that a pandemic involving the Plague or Ebola is likely coming, apparently at the behest of world leaders. What’s more, she proclaimed that there’s also a plan to explode a bomb in Rotterdam that “will cut the food supply”. And that the intention is for those in charge to cut off the internet and electricity as well as bringing in martial law to ensure people stay in their homes. 

No evidence of any of these claims was forthcoming.

Under investigation

A similar rally was held by HFI in August where Cahill also spoke. There she argued that “We don’t need a lockdown” because there’s an effective treatment for COVID-19 in the form of hydroxychloroquine. Health authorities have warned against its use in treating COVID, saying it can result in organ failure. 

During the same rally far-right activists attacked counter-protestors, resulting in one man being hospitalised. 

The Beacon contacted the gardaí regarding the latest rally. In response, a spokesperson said gardaí “will continue to investigate any event held in breach of the COVID-19 regulations”. And “in each case” the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will be contacted for guidance.

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7 thoughts on “Dolores Cahill tells large crowd leaders will be put on trial for COVID-19 lockdown measures

  1. Cahill doesn’t believe anything she said at this scumbag assembly. She’s just telling these deluded scuts what they want to hear: the same debunked bullshit that’s been thrown around for ages.

    The real question is why is she building a following of these morons.

  2. Incredible that your write up failed to state that the main speaker was artist Kevin Sharkey.
    Why? Because it breaks your constant and false ‘wacist’ narrative.
    Kevin Sharkey, a black Irishman is a member of the Irish Freedom Party. Some racist he ))
    Here is Kevin Sharkey’s speech. Enjoy!

    1. Imagine being as thick as Hermann here.

      He seems to think that having one black man speaking at this collection of scumbags gives it some kind of validity or respectability.

      Sharkey’s attendance must have been awfully confusing for many of the scuts who attended this pantomime though. Irish though he is; Kevin certainly doesn’t confirm to these shit-stain’s absurdly narrow idea of what an Irish person looks like.

      Then again; if they follow that sleazebag Kelly because they are stupid enough to believe that he has the interests of the Irish Republic at heart, it’s pretty safe to say they are already confused beyond reason.

  3. Anonymous Declan on says – “scumbag, scuts, bullshit, morons, sleazebag, shit-stain”. By your own reckoning, you are full of HATE SPEECH.

    1. Hilarious to watch Hermann the sleazebag getting triggered when someone points out the fact that the audience who attended that clown show which Cahill and Sharkey consisted of scumbags, scuts, morons and shit-stains or the fact that what was peddled them was bullshit

      Also hilarious that he thinks that what he perceives as the “anonymity” of the person pointing this out somehow undermines these facts.

      Kelly has spent too long tossing off Farage to notice that the vast majority of Irish people consider him and his “party” irrelevant at best.

  4. Declan is a paid troll. Taking a little cash to mock the truth while turning his back on his family, friends and country.
    I wonder what else they promised you Deco.
    Do you really believe you’ll get it Deco ?

    1. I see this gowl is talking more shite.

      As a simple minded fool it’s more comforting for him to just assume anyone who who doesn’t share his beliefs must be a “paid troll”.

      Because of his obvious irrational nature, lack of experience in the real world and inability to engage in critical thought; this gowl is unable to see facts which are plain as day.

      These facts include:

      Cahill was talking absolute bollocks.

      The people who attended this gathering were scumbags.

      Kelly is a UKIP tosser who most certainly does not have our country’s best interests at heart.

      Kelly’s party is an electoral irrelevance that the Irish people laugh at.

      The fact that the gowl posting on here is unable to see these facts is a worry for the state of our education system. More funding desperately needs to be invested into remidial teaching.

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