In an email sent to Leo Varadkar, Gemma O’Doherty says he will ‘one day be held to account for his crimes’

In an email sent to Leo Varadkar, Gemma O’Doherty says he will ‘one day be held to account for his crimes’

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has been accused of standing “idly by” while the rule of law collapses. The accusations were levelled by former journalist and failed presidential and EU election candidate Gemma O’Doherty.

The correspondence was received by The Beacon via a Freedom of Information request.

Varadkar’s legacy

O’Doherty sent an email to Varadkar on 4 July regarding an incident when a far-right YouTuber, Rowan Croft, AKA Grand Torino, was milkshaked while livestreaming the night before. In the email she tells Varadkar that his

legacy is no longer in doubt and you will be remembered as the taoiseach who stood idly by as the rule of law broke down.

She claims that the anti-racist activist who threw the milkshake at Croft did so “in an attempt to blind him”. The activist in question tossed the milkshake at him while he was filming in Carrick-on-Shannon. Croft was there to attack the government’s housing of asylum seekers in the area. He was also joined by other members of the far right.

In the moments before the milkshaking Croft was heard to say:

Many of the people down in Rosslare said they said they weren’t having it, they were going to burn the hotel down. Pretty much like what had happened back in the day and I’ve no problem saying that.

Being held to account for a conspiracy

O’Doherty goes on to claim that the anti-racist activist is being protect by the gardaí. She wrote to Varadkar that:

She has not been arrested and is quite clearly being protected by the Gardai [sic].

The former journalist also sent a copy of the video of the incident to Varadkar. She declared that he now “cannot say you did not know”.

In closing, she told the taoiseach he will one day be “held to account”:

You should hang your head in shame for what you are doing to our country. One day you will be held to account for your crimes.

A history of attacking Varadkar

This is not the first time that O’Doherty has attacked Varadkar. On Twitter she has previously argued that he has given “a licence to criminals to assault citizens”. This was also in reference to the milkshaking.

She has also declared that “Varadkar and his mob promote Islam in #Ireland”. In March she asserted that he is responsible for the “relentless sexualisation of children”. And in January she insisted that Varadkar is running Ireland as a “dictatorship”.

Featured image via Flickr – Sinn Féin/ Wikimedia Commons – EU2017EE Estonian Presidency

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